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Mathematics in many cultures is a problem to most people. Often times people respond negatively toward math questions be it exams, class exercise, homework etc......, But guess what in era technology there is always an app for anything and for that we have Socratic, one of the best Android apps for mathematics simply, take a PHOTO of your homework question or math condition and get clarifications, recordings, and well-ordered help INSTANTLY. 

Note: Socratic is not only for mathematics but all Subjects.

Socratic Supports; Math, Science, History, English, Economics, and more. Completely free, NO in-app purchases. Homework done in a snap! 

• Fast - Take a photo, get instant results, no waiting
• Powerful - Better than Google for homework and examining 
• All subjects - Help for every one of your classes, including IB and AP 
• Customized - Teaches you precisely what you require, similar to a manner mentor would.
• Free! - Free to utilize and will always be.

More about the app

                                                       Socratic - Homework answers- screenshot

1.Take a photo of a homework issue and our AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a flash makes sense of which ideas you have to learn keeping in mind the end goal to answer it! Blended with attentive and basic substance, Socratic is making it simple to learn on your smartphone. 

                                                     Socratic - Homework answers- screenshot

2. Socratic's AI combines cutting-edge computer vision technologies advancements, which read homework inquiries from pictures, with machine learning classifiers assembled utilizing a large number of test homework inquiries, to precisely anticipate which ideas will help you tackle your question. 

3.Socratic's group of instructors is making exceedingly visual, language free learning substance to educate each critical secondary school educational modules idea, and is curating the best online recordings from sources like Khan Academy, Crash Course, and others. 

4. Socratic's reality class math solver enables understudies to get well-ordered help by taking a photo of an individual condition. Blended with shading coded substeps and clarifications, Socratic gives the best math aide accessible, just for nothing. 

                                                     Socratic - Homework answers- screenshot

5. Together, the Socratic application speaks to an enormous change in the way we learn on the Internet. Regardless of whether doing homework for Biology, Algebra, US History, or Chemistry, Socratic can help you learn better and quicker!

That's it for my Socratic review
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