The best 8 android apps for Teachers
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Teaching is an awesome career, it allows one to gain more knowledge and it also gives one a chance to change the world by transferring knowledge from one generation to another. Alas! Did you know that teachers face a lot of challenges and pressure planning great work to present to the learners and to give the best off their career? That's why we have decided to prepare a list of the best 8 Android apps for teachers, to enable them to make use of technology to enhance their work and hopefully lessen Workload

Here is a list of the best 8 Android app for teachers

1. Kahoot
Kahoot is a free based Android app for making learning fun and exciting. it’s quite an interesting and useful app for teachers, has its aids them to create fun, interactive  learning games, in a minute, what they simply need to do is to is enter questions, image and videos and press create, it will perform the magic.
  Kahoot!- screenshot thumbnail      Kahoot!- screenshot

ClassDojo is the place instructors, guardians and students can connect with each other. What makes it one of the top instructive apps is that it can enable guardians to see the conduct of their kids, and they can speak with their children at home, which is incredible for training and development of the learners. You may send alerts, remarks, and comments to guardians easily. In addition, you can likewise give the learners a chance to accept assignments in this app.Teachers can also use this to record the performance of each student. To make it conceivable, you should simply to set up the classroom on the stage and let the guardians download the application, that straightforward.

                               ClassDojo- screenshot     ClassDojo- screenshot

This is an awesome simple android app that makes learning quite interesting and easy to the use of Flash-card and games. Teachers can use this app to create a good set of Flash-card perfect for classrooms with either an interactive or smart board. This app also allows teachers to share the test with student using groups.

                                 Quizlet Learn With Flashcards- screenshot thumbnail     Quizlet Learn With Flashcards- screenshot thumbnail

Google Classroom is definitely on the list of the best classroom apps. With it, teachers can easily manage the classes while students can receive their tasks and assignments through their email. And teachers can give real-time feedback for students’ homework, which saves a lot of time. In case your class is using the G Suite, each student will have their own email and cloud storage. Google Classroom and G Suite are both free to use.

                                   Google Classroom- screenshot thumbnail     Google Classroom- screenshot thumbnail

Planboard is one of the best Android apps for creating digital lesson plans and it's used by many educators. This app is designed in such a manner that teachers, lecturers, and educators can create, edit and view lessons during lesson presentation on phone and tablets and can be used by educators as their primary planning tool and easily do away with much reliance on paperwork. In addition, Planboard, allows teachers to take photos and save in the lesson plan, organize Timetable, Sync lesson to

                                Planboard - Free Lesson Planner for Teachers- screenshot thumbnail     Planboard - Free Lesson Planner for Teachers- screenshot thumbnail

Lesson planning just got easy and better, with Android apps like Nearpod. This app offers teachers an easy to use tool for creating an interactive lesson plan, class presentations and assessment. Furthermore, the Nearpod platform enables teachers, schools, and districts, to use their tablets/Google Chrome books to manage content on students' mobile devices. It seamlessly combines interactive presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

   Nearpod- screenshot     Nearpod- screenshot

Getting spot 7 is Slack a classic Android app that brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done. This app can allow teachers to hold different types of meetings such Teacher group meetings (TGM) on phones and tablets.
                    Slack- screenshot thumbnail     Slack- screenshot thumbnail

This is also a good app for teachers who feel bored marking the traditional class registers, you know am talking about those small little boxes that give you stress especially when handling a big class if 50 to 70 learners. Teachers can easily enter the pupils’ names and mark their attendance and transfer the details into the traditional class register in their spare time.

                             Attendance (Unreleased)- screenshot thumbnail Attendance (Unreleased)- screenshot thumbnail
That's it the best 8 Android apps for teachers, do you any you would love to add to the list comment below.

source: Google play


  1. I'm not a teacher but all of these apps look useful

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  3. Super helpful. I have to tell my husband since he is #TeamAndroid!

  4. Not a teacher but some of these apps are going to be useful for my stepson and I this summer, (some of them I know they already use in school.) Thanks

  5. As well I am not a teacher but these are great!

  6. Its Really Helpful , i myself being a teacher found this very interesting :)

  7. these are really nice app , not only for teachers but for parents too :)

  8. These are great android apps for teachers to use.

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